Crafting, Crochet

Gift Tags

Gift TagsFor the little gifts I’m sending in the mail this week I thought it might be a little more fun to send along a handmade tag, just to show the recipient that I think they are special. 🙂

adjustable beanie hatsI found the pattern for these Pick your Pony Beanies from Tamara Kelly at She is so creative and have went to her site for many tutorials and patterns! So, a big thank you to her for sharing her tremendous talents!

I have so many scrapbooking supplies from when I was in my papercrafting hoarding phase that I didn’t have to look far for the right supplies!

I have a huge (and I mean HUGE) stash of kraft cardstock that wonderful ex-coworkers helped me build up by saving from all of our different departments (when I was in Graphic Design). I use this stuff ALOT! I love this stuff ALOT! You will find out what I mean after you have been following me for awhile…. lol I love inking this stuff…. I could go on and on, but I won’t…. for now…. 🙂


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