Crocheted Boxy Cardigan

IMG_1032The minute the new Caron Tea Cakes yarn came out I was so excited! I just loved the look of the tweedy yarn! Especially after seeing the pattern for the Crocheted Boxy Cardigan! The boxy style seemed to fit my style, lounging around at home, helping to keep me warm during winter. 🙂

I have really not crocheted many apparel items, but after looking through the pattern I thought it appeared relatively easy to crochet and proceeded to go about buying the 3 skeins needed (per pattern instructions).



I am using the Spiced Cider colorway with an M Hook. It called for a L Hook, but after working the swatch gauge, I thought it best to use a larger hook. In the first row it states to make the sleeve 12′, but I noticed that the sleeve starts lower on the shoulder so I am making the sleeves 14”. We’ll see how that works! Lol

At the beginning of the pattern, in the 2nd Row, it says to work a HDC in the horizontal bar created below next stitch in previous row. If you need help in finding this bar, just ask, and I will gladly help! Here are links to their diagrams. Horizontal Bar and Cardigan Diagram.

So, I will keep you updated on the progress and that you find this blog helpful!

Until tomorrow! May you find peace, love and happiness!



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