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Boxy Cardigan (part 2)

Finished Right Side

Ok! Here I am with my finished Right Side! I am so excited! Even though I fumbled through a few rows, frogged a little and questioned my decisions at times, I believe that this is going to work!

Even though the pattern calls to work from RS or WS, I know that I started Step 5 (back) from the wrong side. It said “with RS facing”, and I started “with WS facing”, this really doesn’t carry much weight with these stitches (HDC, HDC2TOG and working in the bar). Seriously, looking at it from the right side or wrong side…….. I see no difference.

Left Side with yarn I have left

I am working size XS, which calls for 3 skeins of yarn and I just might have to buy another skein….. we shall see about that soon! This is what I have left. 🙂

All in all, this has been a most enjoyable project! I like working with the #CaronTeaCakes and the project works up quickly…. what more could a yarny want? 🙂

If you are working this pattern and need help, please comment and I’m sure we can figure it out! 🙂

Wishing you peace, love and happiness.

Until Next Time! 🙂



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