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Boxy Cardigan Fini!

Crochet Boxy Cardigan
Crochet Boxy Cardigan

This was an awesome project! Loved the yarn, the pattern was easy to follow and it was quick!! I might make another and if I do I might make it just a little longer. This didn’t end up being too short on my 5’7″ frame but for different outfits it would be great to have a longer cardi. The only changes I made were to lengthen the sleeves, I believe I made them 14″ instead of 12″, and they are perfect!!

If I wouldn’t have color-controlled this pattern, it would have taken 3 skeins of the #CaronTeaCakes perfectly for an extra small. Will be looking for a funky wooden button for the top of the cardi, what do you think? You could even add pockets or a hood. 🙂
Here’s the link to the Boxy Crochet Cardigan pattern and if you decide to work this pattern, keep me in mind if you have any problems. We might be able to help you!

Please come back and visit me and share some photos! I always like seeing other renditions of patterns. 🙂

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