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Campfire Cardigan

SonyasCampfireCardiganI must be on a Cardigan Crusade lately! Winter is coming and I have crocheted 2 cardigans so far! 🙂 So….. I will definitely be warm! The Campfire Cardigan was designed by Jess Coppum, I believe she is a part of the Make and Do Crew. (correct me if I am wrong). I was initially drawn to the colors she had chosen since I usually don’t pick greens and wanted an easy color scheme. What could be more easy than having someone else pick your colors! lol


Café Au Lait, Juniper, Thyme, Camel Colorways

I bought the yarn for this cardigan a few months ago and have been looking forward to using it. Lion Brand New Basic 175 is supposed to replicate the look and feel of homespun yarn. Thin and Thick. Working with the yarn was nice. The yarn is soft and easy to crochet with. The instructions called for an L Hook, which I didn’t have so had to go pick one up at Joann’s. The only L Hook I could find was a Clover, which is fine with me! All of my favorite hooks are Clover Soft Touch. Joann’s didn’t have a Soft Touch in the Size L, but did have this one, which is an Amour.  Working along I did notice a little stickiness with the hook playing with the yarn, but once I was working at a good speed I enjoyed the tactile movements.


If you work this yarn with a different hook, please add your thoughts in the comments, I always like to know peoples opinions on products, what works and what doesn’t, or why, 🙂

The pattern itself was easy to discern, very well written! I did have a small problem with the hood, but I think that was just me………. 🙂

Are you considering working on this project? If so, let me know cause I would love to see what you come up with! 🙂


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